Experimenting with Online Faculty Mentoring

Mentoring academics into the job of teaching in higher education is key in my teaching and development work. I developed an online mentoring program for the participants of the CEU OSUN Global Teaching Fellowship Program. I was director of this mentoring program in 2014-2020. The program provided ongoing online support for the Fellows who are based at various institutions worldwide, for instance, Brazil, Hungary, Myanmar, Palestine, Romania, USA etc. 

The program encompasses three phases:

  1. Initial preparation for teaching, including course development.
  2. Ongoing mentoring and collaborative professional practice while abroad through online discussions and webinars.
  3. Documentation of teaching and other professional development activities (including option of starting a teaching portfolio).

This mentoring program has been researched, and a co-authored (co-authors are Dr. Gorana Misic and Dr. Margaryta Rymarenko) paper Online mentoring for academic practice: strategies, implications, and innovations was published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.