I have served as an educational consultant in various international and national projects in the past 10+ years. As an educational researcher and developer, I have a proven track record of supporting diverse activities in the higher education context. Whether it be developing curricula and learning materials, conducting workshops,  providing one-on-one guidance, or program evaluation and reporting, I am committed to principles of academic professionalism. I follow protocols and use practices which are research- and evidence-based, ethical and trustworthy. 

This list showcases my areas of expertise: 

  • Workshops in academic development
    Topics: adult learning, organizational learning, active learning strategies, project-based learning, problem-based learning, syllabus design, backward design, discussion leading, small group teaching, mentoring, online and blended redesign, synchronous and asynchronous teaching strategies
  • Curriculum development, mapping
  • Teaching portfolio development
  • Program evaluation
  • Program development

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